Known Issues

  • Game can occasionally become unresponsive, especially on older computers. We recommend saving often. If you can reproduce this at a specific line in the game, please contact us.
  • Settings menu glitchy: this is based on the default template in Visual Novel Maker and we aren't able to do anything about it. This shouldn't have an effect on the game. For slider bars, always drag from the max position when adjusting.
  • Music sometimes overlaps when minimizing game: we have tested this extensively and aren't able to do anything about it. Loading from a saved game resolves this issue.
  • Game log always starts at the beginning of a scene instead of the current line. The log is a default feature of Visual Novel Maker, so we aren't able to do anything about it at the moment.
  • UI delay: sometimes a click (on a button) doesn't register. This seems to occur more often on slower devices or when you have multiple applications running in the background.